The services provided by ALI Baba Trans are based on two equally important pillars:

A dynamic team characterized by professionalism, availability for effort and sacrifice, perfected and trained to find solutions in various transportation linked situations.

A very diversified fleet to ensure the required technical conditions needed in the most diverse situations roadside

Whether it is about roadside assistance, tow-transport in emergency or passenger transportation services we can provide the fastest and most effective solution.

The fleet of cars, minibuses and vans available for our passengers - airport shuttle, private transfers and other passenger transport requests includes the following:

  • 4 passenger cars: 1+4 or 1+6 seats
  • 10 minivans: 8 + 1 seats
  • 5 minibuses with the capacity between 15 and 19 seats

We offer safety vand luxurious conditions at a reasonable price. Our means of transport ensure a high level of comfort and safety transforming journey to Budapest a pleasant experience.

Our trailers, trucks and the specific roadside assistance, towing and lifting equipment ensure the proper tehnical support to any needs from the simplest to the most complex conditions roadside at a reasonable fee:

  • Minibuses provided with transportation platforms and passenger transportation seats
  • 4 recovery trucks with different loading capacities, crane up to 20 tons
  • Fully equiped intervention car
  • Interventions can be performed with certified mechanical to test and troubleshoot in place when the situation permits

Automotive Towing and Auto Transport Platforms:

  • Roadside Assistance
  • Towing trailers, trucks or cargo.
  • Towing and transportation of agricultural machinery and equipment.
  • Construction machinery transport
  • Special and Oversized Transport

Reservations Dispatch:

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